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  • Safety Glass

  • As you well know, glass is a breakable material. When impacted, glass breaks into smaller sharp pieces called shards. These shards can cause serious bodily injury.

    Many glass-related accidents can be prevented by using safety glass in areas of high risk such as shower surrounds, sliding doors and glass furniture.

    Safety glass, as its name implies, is glass which has been "treated" so as to have additional safety features. These extra features make safety glass less likely to break, and/or less likely to pose a threat when broken.

    The two most commonly used types of safety glass are:

    • toughened glass (also known as tempered glass)
    • laminated glass

    Each type of safety glass behaves differently on impact as shown below...

  • Common Glazing Applications of Safety Glass

  • Laminated GlassToughened (Tempered) Glass
    Residential:windows, entry doors, balustrades, skylights shower doors & screens, splashbacks, sliding doors, frameless glass doors and entries, balustrades & fences, pool fencing
    Commercial:bank teller booth windows, exterior storefronts, curtain walls and windowsescalators, stairways, internal partitions, glass canopies
    Automotive:windshieldsside and rear windows
    Marine:windshieldsother windows
    General: low-level glazing, glass furniture
  • Safety+Plus Safety Glass

  • Here at the Glassman, we regularly use and highly recommend the New Zealand-made Safety+Plus range of safety glass from Metro Performance Glass (aka Metro GlassTech), a leading authority in the manufacture of safety glass products.

  • SafeLite Laminated Safety Glass consists of two or more sheets of glass permanently bonded together by a plastic or resin interlayer. Its benefits include:

    • Safety & Protection
    • Security
    • Fading Control
    • Sound Control
    • Climate Control
    • UV Control
    • Durability
    • Design Versatility
    • Installation Ease
  • TempaFloat Toughened Safety Glass is produced by cutting and processing sheets of glass which are then loaded into a furnace which has a bed of oscillating rollers. Although the physical characteristics remain unchanged the additional stresses created within the glass increase its thermal and mechanical strength. Its benefits include:

    • Safety
    • Strength
    • Security
    • Sound Control
    • Solar control
  • Come on in or give us a call to discuss which Safety+Plus option would be best for your safety needs.