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  • Leadlight and Stained Glass

  • Leadlight windows and stained glass windows are both decorative and vibrant ways of adding colour, texture or light to any dwelling or building. Though often used interchangeably, there is a difference between leadlight and stained glass.

    Leadlight windows, or leaded light windows, are made up of many small, individually cut and processed glass pieces joined permanently together to form a glazing panel. The glass is secured and sealed watertight by using either a soldered-shaped lead strip known as a "came", or it is edged and soldered together by means of a copper foil tape. The latter process is extensively used in the creation of reproduction Tiffany-style decorative lamps or curiosities like jewellery boxes.

    Stained glass windows are also made up of many small pieces of glass, held together by strips of lead. The difference lies in the use of coloured "stains" to paint details onto the glass. These stains become permanently set in the glass with the help of fire in a kiln. As such, the creation of stained glass windows is more time-intensive and expensive.

  • Popularity of Leadlights

    Leadlights are commonly found in older properties but are becoming fashionable for use in modern homes. They are used to beautify entrance ways, doors, windows as well as furniture.

    Churches and commercial properties are also home to many of these beautiful windows.

    We have years of experience working on a wide variety of leadlight / stained glass projects. Leadlights can also be retrofitted into double glazing with minor modification. We can create custom designs by commission.

  • Common Uses:

    • Atriums
    • Doors
    • Jewellery Boxes
    • Lamp Shades
    • Lamps
    • Sun Catchers & Curiosities
    • Terrariums
    • Windows
  • Leadlight Repair / Stained Glass Restoration

    Our specialty is repairing and restoring these types of decorative glass artwork to their former glory.

    We recently completed a yearlong project involving the removal, restoration and protection of 12 memorial panels that were suffering age and malicious damage at Koromiko’s Anglican Parish near Picton.

    This job went exceptionally well and our customers were suitably impressed with the quality end result our expertise was able to achieve for them.

    We are open to working on projects throughout the top of South Island and Wellington. Contact us to discuss your project.

  • Dress Circle Restoration Project

    Other Leadlight Work 3 By The Glassman Blenheim NZ

    A major local restoration completed a number of years ago while Chris was working in another local glass company.

    Originally from His Majesty’s Theatre and now displayed behind glass in Marlborough theatre, this rebuild was created from pieces of the original window with over a third missing.

  • We asked Chris for "Awesome windows", and we are delighted with the end result!

    Choosing stained glass can be quite daunting! You've had this idea… But starting with a 'blank canvas', and turning your ideas into a great-looking feature for your home might need a helping hand.

    Chris helps you to develop your ideas into practical, appropriate, stylistic and beautiful window panels. He listens carefully to your ideas and he has pattern books covering traditional styles which we found to be a useful guide.

    He produced a draft representation on paper to facilitate discussions, colour choices, etc. When we were happy with our 'final draft', Chris had the artistic and creative skills to turn it into a beautifully-made work of art which he then carefully installed with expert ease.

    We enjoyed the process of creation. Chris invited us to review the progress during cut out and assembly stages to make certain that we were on the right track.

    We have no hesitation in recommending Chris to produce first class results, turning your idea into something that will enhance your home.

    Andy and Gina, Blenheim